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In order to submit your complaint, you must validate your request using your mobile phone
Fine appeals will only be considered if submitted using the specific Form.

Details of complainant


SETA undertakes to reply within 30 working days after receipt of this form.
To obtain a swifter reply, we adivise you to provide an email address.

Details of user (if other than the complainant) and any other passengers

Please Note: If the complaint is submitted by a representative, the proxy and a photocopy of the claimant’s photo ID must be attached

Use only the Silk Proxy Form to print, fill in, sign, scan and attach.
Attach a copy of the delegating party's Identity Document.

Documents of the delegating parties (Powers and identity documents)

The following formats are accepted: pdf, jpg, png. Maximum size allowed: 5mb.

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Event details

Details of journey

Scheduled time of departure
Actual time of departure(where not coinciding with the scheduled time)

Grounds of complaint

Please tick as appropriate next to the relevant entries. You can specify one or more reasons of complaint. For information on the rights of bus and coach passengers under Regulation (EU) No. 181/2011, please refer to the website of the Transport Regulation Authority at the following link https://www.autorita-trasporti.it/passengers-rights-trasporto-con-autobus/?lang=en.

 Discriminatory tariff or contract conditions
 Rights of disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility
 Travel information
 Information on passengers rights
 Difficulty in the submission of the complaint
 The bus
 Tickets and season tickets

Request for refund if due

DELAYED OR CANCELLED SERVICE: if the public transport service is cancelled, or its departure from the stop is delayed by more than 60 minutes for inter-urban or 30 minutes for intra-urban services due to the fault of SETA, if no replacement service has been provided or no other service has run on the route within the period of time considered. No refund is provided in case of service failures due to force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, strikes and other unforeseeable emergencies); in other cases the refund will be paid in cash by bank transfer and will be equal to the complete cost of the ticket at the price at which it was purchased. For season ticket holders, the refund will be equal to the daily portion of the full season ticket cost, provided ticket validation rules are complied with. Otherwise, a voucher valid for purchase from the company’s ticket office of tickets usable on all SETA services (single or multiple journey or season ticket, up to a maximum of 8.00 Euros) may be requested.
Season ticket/Ticket no
Last 4 figures of the payment card used (in case of payment on the vehicle)
N.B.: attach a photocopy/scan/screenshot of the ticket. (Click here to attach.)
 DELAY IN REPLYING TO A COMPLAINT: if SETA fails to reply to a customer’s complaint within the deadline of 30 working days.
In this case, the refund consists of a voucher valid for purchase from the company’s ticket office of tickets usable on all SETA services (single or multiple journey or season ticket, up to a maximum of € 10.00, or up to a maximum of 20% of the ticket price for group tickets).
Select how you wish to receive the indemnity/refund if due
Credit Notes or Vouchers will be available at the company ticket office where the complaint was submitted the week after issue of the reply
Bank transfer: IBAN
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Description of the event (max 2000 characters)

Please describe the events with respect to all items with a tick mark

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