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IMPORTANT: fine appeals will only be considered if submitted using the specific form .


Reports, complaints, queries, suggestions or positive feedback may be submitted via one of the following channels, within 3 months after the relative event:
  1. by post, by writing to Ufficio Segnalazioni MO Strada S. Anna, 210 – 41122 Modena
  2. online by filling in the form
  3. at the Modena district ticket offices, by filling in the complaints form provided.
Complaints may also be submitted in English. In this case, an English-language reply will be provided.
SETA undertakes to reply within 30 working days after receipt of the report.
The paper form is also available from the above ticket offices.
Complaints submitted without using the form will be accepted provided the following information is provided:
  • first name, surname and address of the customer or their representative, in which case the proxy and a copy of the customer’s valid photo ID must be attached
  • date, departure time, place or stop of departure and place or stop of destination.
  • description of event
If no response is received within 30 days of the complaint being filed, or if the response is deemed unsatisfactory, users may, in the second instance, turn to the Regional Ombudsman (Difensore Civico Regionale - difensorecivico@regione.emilia-romagna.it) or to the Transport Regulation Authority (ART Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti - www.autorita-trasporti.it) where it is also possible to activate the ConciliaWeb conciliation procedure.


To report problems with:
  • Fares: sale of tickets on- and off-vehicle, ticket office management, inspections and fines
  • Service: provision of service, driver management, vehicle management, cleaning and maintenance, information and booking services
  • Stops and termini: display of informative material such as timetables, maps and fares
please contact SETA S.p.A. Modena Office as indicated above.


To report problems with:
  • Fares: ticket types and costs
  • Service: routes, stops and timetables
  • Stops and termini: creation, construction and maintenance of new stops, not including the display of timetables, maps and fares
please contact the Mobility Agency (aMo):
In case of appeals to sanctions, fill in the appropriate form otherwise they will not be processed.
Refunds may be made in different ways as follows:
  1. if the public transport service is cancelled, or its departure from the stop is delayed by more than 60 minutes for inter-urban or 30 minutes for intra-urban services due to the fault of SETA, and if no replacement service has been provided or no other service has run on the route within the period of time considered. No refund is provided in case of service failures due to force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, strikes and other unforeseeable emergencies);
  2. if SETA fails to reply to a customer’s complaint within the deadline of 30 working days.
In the circumstances listed in point 1, the refund will be paid cash by bank transfer and will be equal to the complete cost of the ticket at the price at which it was purchased. For season ticket holders, the refund will be equal to the daily portion of the full season ticket cost, provided ticket validation rules are complied with. Otherwise, a voucher valid for purchase from the company’s ticket office of tickets usable on all SETA services (single or multiple journey or season ticket, up to a maximum of 8.00 Euros) may be requested.
In order to obtain a refund, the customer must, within 48 hours after the occurrence of the event, fill out the appropriate refund section in the claims form, alternatively, in the claims document he/she must make explicit the request for a refund by attaching a copy of the travel ticket or Season Ticket Card. The application must also specify the applicant’s first name, surname, address and telephone contacts (plus IBAN number for bank transfer if required) and the place, day, time and route of the service failure.
SETA undertakes to reply to the refund application within 30 working days after the date of receipt.
For circumstances covered by point 2, customers may obtain a voucher valid for purchase from the company’s ticket office of tickets usable on all SETA services (single or multiple journey or season ticket, up to a maximum of 10.00 Euros or up to a maximum of 20% of the ticket price for group tickets).
SETA compensates third-party damage and damage to passengers caused by the operation of its vehicles by means of suitable insurance cover. To ensure this, SETA holds the following insurance cover:
  • Vehicle civil liability insurance to cover civil liability risks deriving from the use of motor vehicles;
  • Third-party civil liability insurance to cover damage accidentally caused to third parties in relation to the services operated.
Any passenger suffering personal injury must submit a request for compensation, in accordance with the procedures set out in art. 148 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 209/2005.
In all other cases, unless otherwise specifically permitted by law, the injured party must submit their claim for damages to their own insurance company as required by Italian Legislative Decree no. 209/2005 and Italian Presidential Decree 254/2006 (indirect indemnity).